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What You Should Know Before Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors
November 9, 2023

Do you see your wood floor looking a bit dull and think, “were they a good idea in the first place?” Wood floors, mainly hardwood, are an excellent flooring option with the proper care. 

If you have ever heard or read about requiring hardwood floor refinishing, it is true, but there is more to know about it as well. We will be showing you all of it in this blog, so when you require hardwood refinishing, you will do it the right way.

Refinishing or Replacement?

Before you even think of getting hardwood floor refinishing, you should consider if it could use that or floor replacement instead. You can tell this by a general guideline:

  • You can refinish hardwood floors 4 to 5 times before you have to replace them.
  • In the case of engineered hardwood, you can refinish them once or twice at most.

Hardwood refinishing involves sanding your floors, which removes the upper layer, decreasing its height. It would be best not to file them too close to the tongue because it is the joint. As far as engineered hardwood, wood layers glued together, the upper layer isn’t thick enough to handle too much sanding.

The good news is that the time frame between each hardwood refinishing can be from 6 to 10 years, all depending on how much traffic your floors endure. Hardwood floors are very durable, and refinishing will lengthen their beauty!

In other cases, however, replacing your hardwood floors might be the best option. For instance, if they have gone through refinishing more than five times, they were affected by water, harsh stains, and worse damage in general.

Should You Go Pro or DIY?

It will depend on you. Do you count on the tools? The time? The expertise? We wouldn’t recommend amateurs to try hardwood floor refinishing. Still, if you are more on the advanced side of DIY renovations, you can be okay on your own.

It can typically take up from hours to days to refinish hardwood. If you are an amateur or don’t have the time, finding a professional to refinish your hardwood floor is excellent. You can not only avoid costly inconveniences but also save time and ensure the job is complete. You can also get advice on the condition of your floor. 

A professional will tell if your floor requires refinishing or replacement, address repairs, and give it any special treatment it needs.

Prep Work

There are a couple of steps to do before hardwood floor refinishing, which can also help determine if you want to DIY or get a professional:

  • Move all furniture aside.
  • Check the height of the wood to see if it can handle refinishing.
  • Removing the moldings.
  • Repair any damage and remove any imperfections like nails.

Now You Can Get Started!

You can be confident in getting hardwood floor refinishing with this information. Finding a reliable company for hardwood floor refinishing in Columbus, Ohio, is even easier. At Davila Floors & Tilewe are experts on the matter, who are always ready to help with solid advice, and of course, hardwood floor refinishing services. Contact us for any of the two!