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Upgrading Your Home’s Design with Custom Floors
November 9, 2023

When making a list of every design element vital for interior design, we know for a fact that “flooring” would be on the top spots of your list. 

Floors are synonymous with a good design, even if it is a simple one. They will favorably impact your space’s appearance and have to be durable to endure the wear, depending on the area you will use them in. Many various factors can affect what flooring option you choose, and when you want custom floors, they matter even more.

A fact about us is that here at Davila Floors & Tile, we can install all types of flooring but also create custom floors through unique designs. When looking for a particular option to perfectly match your taste and space, we have the perfect choice for you. Allow us to introduce custom floors.

Why Custom Floors?

Custom floors are a nice twist and asset if you are passionate about interior design or want to have a pleasant place to live in. They are the epitome of personalization. Nothing reflects more your style than custom floors designed to your preference and your home’s structure. Perhaps you could think that having custom floors isn’t a great idea in design adaptability, but this isn’t the case.

Not every custom floor design is excessive or flashy. Many like to keep it simple because space can look bigger when executed right. It can help highlight any special features through a clean and versatile design that can be paired with many different styles of home decor.

With your custom floors, you will elevate your home to a whole next level since they can add value to your property. Imagine a residence with majestic custom floors made with hardwood? It seems difficult to resist.

Essentially, what we want you to note is that custom floors are tailored to your requirements. THAT is what makes them the ideal option for you.

Best Flooring Materials For Custom Floors

When reviewing different flooring materials for a custom floor design, the key aspects they must have are versatility, durability, and style. These three features combined will ensure that the flooring option you select meets your needs. Among all flooring material options, the ones that stand out the most for custom floors are the following:


Tile is an excellent material for custom floors. We shall short on words when describing the versatility that tile has because it comes in various styles, textures, finishes, patterns, etc. Tiles can emulate other materials ranging from natural stone up to wood!

The diversity of tile materials is also convenient. Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, glass, or any other type, they can be mixed and matched and adapted to design custom floors. 

Is it worth it to have custom tile floors? Absolutely. Tiles are also very resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. If you opt for tile, preserving your beautiful custom floors won’t be a problem in the short and long run.

Hardwood Floors

You might have guessed that hardwood floors are a favorite of ours, but for excellent reasons. Nothing can beat that timelessness of wood. We aren’t only talking about looks here because nowadays, many other flooring materials resemble hardwood. However, natural hardwood floors have a certain feel to them that is hard to mimic.

Not only are hardwood floors stylish on their own, but you can also use them to create fantastic custom floors. They can also be cut and assembled into different patterns. But there is more. With varying types of hardwood, there is also the option to bring more elaborate designs to life into pretty much anything you’d like. An example would be an intricate flower design for a master bedroom.

How Can You Achieve Custom Floors?

Unique Patterns

With materials like tile and hardwood, you can get them cut or arranged differently to create a consistent yet distinctive floor pattern. You can also combine different textures, finishes, or shapes!

Picture some wood floors with a chevron pattern or different colored tiles placed in a square at the center of a room. These examples show that you can play with typical flooring materials arranged differently or combined with other styles to obtain your desired floor pattern.

Custom Designs

Custom designs are more complex than a pattern but done right; they can have a marvelous effect on your home’s design. 

With hardwood, you have the option of implementing countless designs going from waves to flowers, as we mentioned previously, and sometimes even logos. You can arrange them with tiles to create a focal centerpiece, a spiced up border, and more.

If you want a more tailored custom floor, personalized hardwood and tile designs will turn your vision into a reality.

Ready to Get Custom Floors?

Custom floors won’t disappoint any property owner with a passion for interior design. Like so, our craftsmanship when executing custom floor designs doesn’t disappoint either. If you’d like to contact us for custom floors, please call 614-707-9492!