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Types of Hardwood Floors
November 9, 2023

The world of flooring with its many options is exciting to explore. Among the sea of wood species, styles, and varieties, the perfect one is waiting for you to discover it. 

When tackling a home renovation, improvement, or construction project, you will find yourself facing the decision of which choice to choose. We will be discussing today none other than types of hardwood floors in their well-deserved Blogspot. 

Hopefully, we will help in finding the ideal choice for you. At Davila Floors & Tilewe do installation of all types of hardwood floors in Columbus, OH. So if you happen to like one of the following, we can also assist you with your project. Let’s get started!

Wood Floors & Its Forms.

Think hardwood, and immediately you picture traditional wood plank flooring. However, there are two main types of hardwood floors in Columbus, OH. Hardwood floors also vary according to wood species, but we touch more on that ahead.

Hardwood floors can be either compact or engineered. These are general categories in flooring. Here is a brief description of each:

As you can see, the different types of hardwood floors in Columbus, OH, vary according to fabrication. That gives each of the two peculiar properties to fit various applications. This information comes in handy when choosing a flooring option.

Back to Basics: Types of Solid Hardwood Floors -Columbus, OH

Nature and its abundance provide many tree species which source beautiful solid hardwood floors—each with its distinctive charm and properties. 

Let’s review some of the most common types of hardwood floors, also available in Columbus, OH, through us, Davila Floors & Tile


Ah, good old oak. It is the most traditional wood species used for hardwood flooring. If you like hardwood for its timeless appeal, you will be delighted by oak. There are color options for oak as well! You can have a clean white oak or a more decadent look by using red oak. Oak has a medium hardness.


We know several types of hardwood floors in Columbus, OH, and none of them is as distinctive as maple. This species is homogenous and light with a unique grain pattern. Surprisingly, even if it feels light, it is tough and durable.

An advantage of maple is that it can be stained to mimic other species. To preserve its exceptional strength but achieving another style, you can try staining maple floors!


Nothing beats the captivating red and pink hues from cherry hardwood floors. It is no surprise that it is preferred by many. Its wavy grain also stands out as a particular feature, and if you have the chance to touch it in person, you will know it is a softwood species. Perfect for when you don’t want to put any shoes on!


We slowly make it into more dark wood species. We stumble across a fascinating type of solid hardwood with rich brown color and dark swirling graining, which is walnut.

Walnut floors have so much depth but are still lightweight. If you were looking for hardwood flooring options for an upper story, walnut could be your winner. A bedroom with white walls and walnut floors looks stunning. Something worth noting is that they are resistant to light damage, so it is excellent for use in rooms exposed to a lot of light.


It isn’t rare to find white hues to warm beige and dark browns in ash hardwood floors. It enters the realm of light wood species and a softer grain if you would like something more subtle. Do not be deceived by its looks, as it is incredibly resistant, even more than oak. Ash floors can also take staining.


Cedar is another light wood with a grainy pattern. Its true potential, however, is on its durability and resistance. You see, cedar is resilient against pests, weather changes, and decay to the point it is used for building boats and homes! Just imagine what they will be able to withstand once you install cedar floors.

We have touched on a few of the many excellent solid hardwood flooring options, but there are far more types of hardwood floors here in Columbus, OH. All residents in the area can recur to Davila Floors & Tile for more advice or flooring services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!