Painting Services in Columbus, OH

Is your house or business beginning to look dull? The right paint job can revamp any room and any property, so painting is an essential step in the remodeling process. While some people like to embark on DIY projects, it’s tough to achieve a finishing that has finesse. For a beautiful end result, you can count on the experienced painting professionals of Davila Hardwood Floor. We cover interior and exterior painting services to fit your needs.

Your next remodeling project will be a success with the superior craftsmanship of Davila Hardwood Floor. We provide high-quality painting services to property owners and managers in Columbus, OH, at accessible prices with the highest quality paint you can find.

You can get your floors executed fast and efficiently with no delays and with the best materials. Davila Hardwood Floors is driven by honesty and respect for our clients. We value your time and we promise every second we spend working for you will be thoroughly dedicated to deliver the high-quality product you deserve.

Wood Staining

Revitalize wooden surfaces with our wood staining services. All wooden surfaces, whether interior or exterior, need proper care to ensure their durability. As suggested by the name, wood stain changes the natural color of the wood surface. Dyes penetrate the wood to highlight the grain, intensify the tone, or completely change the color. Additionally, wood stains provide some protection from the elements even though their primary purpose is aesthetic

Interior Painting

Painting your home or business interior is a task that requires a great deal of time and skill. If you’re not familiar with painting techniques, you could take twice the time than a professional would. While it tends to be overlooked, painting is one of the most essential stages in a remodeling project. From prep to clean up, our painting contractors will deliver from beginning to end.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is one of the best things you can do to boost your property’s curb appeal and increase its resale value. However, exterior painting projects shouldn’t be taken lightly and need to be done by experienced professionals. The paint needs to be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and temperature changes. For a high-quality, long-lasting result, call Davila Hardwood Floor.

Drywall Repair

Drywall is a delicate material that, when damaged, can make a room look dirty and unkempt. Cover that unsightly hole in the wall and finish it off with a nice paint coat to renovate the space. Our crew will patch, sand, and prime the drywall to create a perfectly smooth surface. 

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