The flooring industry is filled with excellent products that progressively become better at meeting clients’ needs. Luxury vinyl tile or LVT flooring is one of them. However, being a determinant factor for success, the installation process is critical and should be performed by a crew that matches the high-quality LVT flooring can deliver.

At Davila Floors & Tile, that is what we do every day. Learn more about how our amazing products and services can help you below!

LVT Flooring: Superior & Budget-Friendly

Who doesn’t love an old classic white tile kitchen or a unique Mediterranean-inspired bathroom with the characteristic tile style? If you are a tile flooring fan, you know it is hard to match. However, you may want to explore other options if you’re on a tighter budget or schedule.

If so, you won’t be disappointed to recur to LVT flooring. Luxury vinyl tile has dominated the market with its unique configurations that provide the style and functionality of tiles at a more affordable price point. Here are all the benefits:

  • Luxury vinyl tile flooring mimics other materials, in this case, tile, in a hundred different styles and colors. They come shaped in squares, giving an almost authentic feel.
  • If you are unsure if LVT flooring will deliver against moisture damage, you can rest assured. These are water-resistant, meaning you can have a luxury vinyl tile bathroom or kitchen without worry.
  • LVT flooring is a lightweight alternative for installing in a second story, as it isn’t as heavy as tile.

Convenient & Cost-Effective LVT Flooring Installation

While LVT flooring takes care of your budget and schedule, at  Davila Floors & Tile, we adjust it to bring you the top installation and repair solutions in Columbus, OH.

We are a licensed & insured company that has worked for over 15 years with every type of flooring, including LVT flooring, with exclusively high-quality results. We constantly adjust to our residential and commercial client’s needs in terms of schedule and budget, maintaining punctuality throughout.

If you’re ready to start your project on the right foot, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. For further assistance or inquiries, contact us today!

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