Luxury Vinyl Plank:

Your Go-To Vinyl Flooring Product

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is the most popular product among all vinyl flooring options because it adapts to all tastes and lifestyles. LVP could be the ideal product for you.

The vinyl resins the plank is made of are pressed together and this is known as the fill layer of the plank. Several other layers are adhered to give the vinyl plank all of its wonderful traits, including a printed layer to mimic other materials such as wood, a wear layer on top of it acting as wear protection, and a backing layer that protects the plank from moisture reduces noise and even acts as an underlayment.

Thanks to its engineering, LVP has numerous benefits that make it a great vinyl flooring option, including:

  • Durability thanks to the wear layer. Your LVP is lightweight yet robust and can have a long lifespan.
  • Resistant to dents, scratches and impact with heavy objects. The thicker the wear layer, the more resilient your LVP is.
  • Waterproof both on the wear and backing layer. LVP can resist moisture and prevent mold growth.
  • Versatile for residential & commercial applications. LVP is a commercial rated product and you can adapt it to your traffic needs. Due to its other traits, it can be installed in any area you want and all grade levels.
  • Variety of styles, colors, finishes and even textures you can choose from. LVP can match any room and any design.
  • Easy & Affordable. LVP is easy to repair and maintain which reduces your costs and gives you complete satisfaction.

Vinyl Flooring Installations:

They Key to Amazing Results!

Your LVP floors will offer numerous benefits throughout their lifespan, however, this won’t be the case if they are installed incorrectly.

There are many aspects to manage when executing a vinyl flooring installation that can be left out but with our experience, knowledge, and dedication. We won’t miss any detail at Davila Hardwood Floors.

We can do all three methods of LVP installation: glued, interlocked or floating, and loose lay. The method you choose will depend entirely on your requirements but we will advise you anytime you need it.

Another thing we take care of is the subfloor preparation. Any irregularities that you don’t address will show up in the finished product, especially if you’re going to install LVP on top of another type of flooring. Some flooring projects will require more preparation than others, because of this, it is important to have professionals taking care of the job.

If you’re looking to protect your property and your investment, Davila Hardwood Floors will help you guarantee high-quality results in every flooring project.