Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Columbus Metropolitan Area

Most of us dream of having stunning wood floors in our homes, but there can be many obstacles to achieving it. Whether in terms of budget, convenience, or lifestyle, luxury vinyl plank flooring has been established as the perfect alternative, so you don’t have to give up on your vision.

Still, every potential buyer should know there is one thing that luxury vinyl plank flooring has in common with wood, apart from their looks: They both require professional installation to perform to their fullest advantage.

Thankfully, you count not only on this premium flooring alternative but also on superior installation solutions in the Columbus Metropolitan Area, here at  Davila Floors & Tile. Learn what luxury vinyl plank flooring is and what we can do for you!

What Makes Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Great?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is made of vinyl resins pressed, which make up the fill layer of the plank. It also counts with several other layers that provide its wonderful traits, including a printed layer to mimic other materials such as wood, a wear layer on top of it acting as wear protection, and a backing layer that protects the plank from moisture, reduces noise, and even acts as an underlayment.

Thanks to its engineering, luxury vinyl plank flooring offers numerous advantages for homeowners:


Durability thanks to the wear layer —Your LVP is lightweight yet robust and can have a long lifespan.


Resistant to dents, scratches, and impact with heavy objects. The thicker the wear layer is, the more resistant your LVP is.


Waterproof  both on the wear and backing layer. LVP can resist moisture and prevent mold growth.


Versatile for residential & commercial applications. LVP is a commercial-rated product that you can adapt to your traffic needs. Due to its other traits, it can be installed in any area you want and all grade levels.

Various styles

You can choose from various styles, colors, finishes, and even textures.

Can match

LVP can match any room and any design.

Easy & Affordable

Easy & Affordable. LVP is easy to repair and maintain, reducing costs and satisfying you completely.

Experience Excellence with Davila Floors & Tile

The secret for grade-A floors doesn’t only lie in luxury vinyl plank flooring’s composition but also in professional installation, which involves:

  • Proper installation techniques: Despite the chosen installation method (glued, interlocked, floating, or loose lay), an expert masters all techniques to reduce mistakes and tripping or slipping risks.
  • Adequate subfloor preparation: Quality luxury vinyl plank flooring installation is not only reduced to laying the planks but also to the subfloor preparation. It ensures you can install them over any type of flooring without irregularities.
  • Quality standards: Professionals know how to follow quality standards for luxury vinyl plank installation so that it lasts longer, looks great, and saves costs. It also ensures warranty coverage.

If you’re looking to protect your property and your investment, at Davila Floors & Tile, we’ll help you guarantee high-quality results in every flooring project, including luxury vinyl plank flooring installation in the Columbus Metropolitan Area. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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