Match any Room, Decor, and Style with Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are very popular among flooring materials. They are versatile and can easily combine with your space. Because of the diversity on finishes of laminate floors, you can mimic the look and feel of wood, ceramic and other materials.

At Davila Hardwood Floors you can have professional laminate floor installations that are ideal for any home renovation, construction or remodeling project. We give you a brief insight on laminate floors!

Every Layer Counts

Laminate floors are made out of four layers. Starting from the bottom, we have the backing layer. Because laminate floors are installed with a floating method, the backing layer acts as a stabilizer and protects the board from excessive moisture. 

Then we have the core board itself made of fiberboard which is a type of engineered wood. The higher the density of the board, the higher the quality.

The next layer is a decor layer, which is adhered to the top of the board. This layer is what gives the board its unique aesthetic. Nowadays, laminate boards have tons of different finishes that can imitate the texture of other materials.

The last layer of a laminate board is an overlay. Thanks to this layer, laminate boards are resistant against heat, stains, moisture, light, and scratches. It also makes the board easy to clean and maintain.

Laminate boards are a top choice for a hard-wearing and convenient flooring material. Contact Davila Hardwood Floors to install your laminate floors today!

Trust Our Laminate Floor Installations

for Outstanding Results

At Davila Hardwood Floors we are experts on flooring installations of all types. Leave your next flooring project in our knowledgeable hands.

Many issues commonly occur when you install laminate floors the wrong way such as broken boards, buckled or jacked up floors, moisture getting in and so on. You can easily avoid these mistakes with our installation services.

We install your laminate floors quickly and adequately. Our flooring installation services will take care of every detail and guarantee the best results.