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Improve Your Spaces & Your Comfort

Working with Davila Floors & Tile for your home improvement projects is a long-term relationship with satisfaction.

Each of our home improvement solutions is executed with a detailed procedure. We make sure our services are high-quality from start to finish and secure your contentment for as long as our product lasts.

An array of professional projects make up your 15 years in business. When it comes to tailored home improvement services and customer attention, Davila Floors & Tile is the best in the Columbus, Ohio area. 


Our Home Renovation Services

If you’ve been eyeing a flooring project for a while but you’re still unsure if you want to do it, we’re here to tell you that with Davila Floors & Tile the answer is yes you can! Every client is unique and we’ll never discriminate in terms of quality. We count with a diversity of flooring solutions that can suit any lifestyle & budget.

Door Installations

Getting fantastic results is as easy for us as it is for you to hire our door installation services. We know there is a wide variety of door types with different configurations and materials, but we can install all of them.

You can accomplish a simple yet uplifting home improvement project with door installations. As knowledgeable professionals, we can install both interior and exterior doors fast and adequately on your residential property.

Garage doors, shower doors, wood doors, screen doors, etc. Davila Floors & Tile is a one-stop service for door installations. 


Remodeling any room in your home, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement or any other space can be challenging if you don’t count with reliable home renovation experts.

Davila Floors & Tile can provide you with all the remodeling solutions you need from A to Z. When you work with us, the space of your dreams won’t be an image on the internet or your imagination anymore. You can live your vision with us!

Wood Refinishing

Wood is a durable material that looks gorgeous in many applications such as doors, furniture, floors, etc.

Even though wood has a long lifespan if you want to preserve the amazing results from when your wood pieces and floors were brand new, you can count on our wood refinishing services to maintain their beauty for many years to come.

From furniture of any size to all three types of wood flooring, Davila Floors & Tile covers all of your refinishing needs. Our wood refinishing solutions state the difference between good and superb home improvement.

There are many types of wood finishes available to match your style and requirements and you can have peace of mind, all of them are executed with the highest-quality by us.

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