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Achieve Your Hardwood Flooring

Decor Dreams with Davila Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a favorite among our client’s and ours as well. When you think of hardwood flooring for your home, durability and quality immediately pops up in mind. Sometimes, people also consider it as an expensive project. But it is well worth its cost. 

At Davila Hardwood Floors we see hardwood flooring as an opportunity for our client’s to upgrade any space with a one-of-a-kind design. We are affordable, quick and provide a solution that will make your flooring project look great. Learn more about our hardwood flooring installations, designs and refinishes, give us a call now.

Get a Fully Customized

Experience with Our Services.

We continuously deliver excellence through our hardwood flooring services. Our wide knowledge on hardwood has evolved into a specialized service based on client’s aspirations and necessities, translated into the perfect floors for their lifestyle.

We offer hardwood installations with customized designs. Our project assessment and management is tailored on every aspect of the job. We also ensure your floors best performance before, during and after installation with adequate preparation, procedure and refinishing services.

Davila Hardwood Floors offers a personalized project within time and budget. Our high quality has a specific timing, and it is a lifetime. We’re just one call away. Contact us.

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An Array of Options with Hardwood:

Types & Methods.

Part of our distinguished results come from our deep understanding of hardwood. We want you to do so as well in order to count with the best options available, working with Davila Hardwood Floors.

When it comes to hardwood, there’s two main types: solid wood and engineered wood. The two are real wood, meaning you can give that natural feel to your home with both. Solid wood is strong and elegant, mainly used for areas without a lot of moisture, like living rooms.

Engineered hardwood is made of wood planks glued together. It can be installed in any room and sit on top of any subfloor.

There are also different methods for hardwood installation. The glued down method directly adheres the wood planks to the subfloor. Planks can also be fastened with nails or staples, which are other methods. Finally, we have floating hardwood where planks are not adhered to the floor but locked together, sitting on top of the subfloor.

The type of hardwood and installation method you use will vary depending on the floor and room conditions. What doesn’t change with Davila Hardwood Floors is the outcome. Call us now.