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Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood floors are a cost-efficient option for your flooring project. Its features deliver the quality you look for in a grade-A flooring product.

Being real wood, but with a different construction from solid hardwood, it is very resilient against humidity and temperature changes, which otherwise cause solid wood boards to shrink or expand and result in gaps.

If you want high-quality results for your flooring project, get robust engineered hardwood flooring installation with Davila Floors & Tile. We will guarantee your satisfaction!

Engineered Hardwood:

A Versatile Product for Your Project.

Engineered hardwood is a superior alternative that offers various benefits thanks to its versatility in appearance and installation. We show you how it, along with professional engineered hardwood flooring installation, offer accomodating options for you:

Versatile Appearance

Being a wood flooring product, you are guaranteed to be purchasing a 100% real wood product for your floors. With that, you get many wonderful features for the top layer including different styles, colors, stain, species, thicknesses, textures, and even edges. The size is very important too and engineered wood floors allow you to get wider planks.

Versatile Application

Not only does this option have versatile looks but also has versatile application. There are multiple engineered hardwood flooring installation methods available.  Additionally, its backing layer helps your engineered hardwood floors be installed over both concrete and wood subfloors.

Possibly one of the best features is that, thanks to its resistance to fluctuation, you can install it on any level of your home, including basements and bathrooms.

If you think wood floors would go well with your room’s design, you’ll love the idea of engineered hardwood!

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