Ceramic Floor Installation in Columbus, Ohio & Surrounding Areas

Ceramic floors are usually a popular choice. Ceramic tiles are fabricated using a process of cooling and heating natural minerals and clay. Ceramic floor tiles are available in a large range of sizes, colors, textures, finishes, and shapes.

At Davila Hardwood Floors, we give you the lifetime guarantee that you will have a successful installation and a splendid looking Ceramic Floor. Every material we use is manufactured and finished in the USA, and with over 15 years of experience in the industry, and an increasing list of satisfied customers, only one place should come to mind for your flooring project – Davila Hardwood Floors!

Benefits of Ceramic Floors

  • Durability: Class 3 and 4 ceramic tiles, which are made for moderate to heavy floor traffic, don’t scratch. They are also resistant to fire, rot, insects, odor, and fading.
  • Low Maintenance: Besides basic routine cleaning, there is no special maintenance involved.
  • Cost-Effective: In general, it’s affordable; however, the more high-end the tile, the higher the cost; the more detailed the design, the more you’ll pay. We recommend consulting current ceramic floor costs in your area before starting your project.
  • Water Resistant: Unlike wood floors, ceramic floors are not damaged by liquids, making cleaning A LOT easier.
  • Adds Value to Your Home: Homes with ceramic floors tend to have high resale value, even when appraised.
  • Better Air Quality: You have less ambient dust, reducing the quantity of household allergens. This is a fantastic benefit for those who suffer from dust-related allergies.
  • Eco-Friendly: Ceramic floors are made from clay, sand, glass, and in some cases, even from recycled materials.